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New album coming in 2015.

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Portuguese based rock/grunge quintet DREAM CIRCUS has set January for the recordings of its sophomore album, yet to be titled. The follow-up to 2012's «Land Of Make Believe» will be once again recorded by producer Pedro Mendes at Ultrasound Studios [W.A.K.O., HEAVENWOOD, ANGELUS APATRIDA, SWITCHTENSE] and is tentatively due next Spring.

Vocalist James Powell states about the band's new effort: "I think with this record we get really close of what our musical identity is about. The songs are more complex, heavier and aggressive, though we don't give up on melodies."

The 90s rock has a dark and addictive energy that is rarely recreated. Inspired by some of the major music legends, DREAM CIRCUS move towards to create a unique taste of rock and metal, which is appealing and thrilling for the modern ears.

Founded in 2009, the music passionate James Powell gathered with guitarists Fred Rosa and Pedro Lopes, the drummer Gonçalo Silva and bassist Hugo Gaspar to merge their music likes based upon a heavy, melodic and captivating sound. And so are DREAM CIRCUS.



«Fear» (EP - 2011)

«Land Of Make Believe» (LP - 2012)


Purchase «Land Of Make Believe» via iTunes and Ethereal Sound Works.