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New album «Sounds Evolution» out this month.

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Portuguese thrash power-trio MACHINERGY will release its second album, «Sounds Evolution», in CD format this month via portuguese Metal Soldiers Records and greek Secret Port Records worldwide. The predecessor of 2010's «Rhythmotion» was digitally released in June 2nd this year and has garnered rave reviews.

"From the first to the final breathing, they attack relentlessly with a tracklist overall vigorous and brutal, keeping the standards high-leveled with no relevant ups and downs between songs"

Rock & Heavy [Chile]

"Remember when thrash bands did ten tracks of brutal, fast, pounding music and released it as an album without a thought for appealing to people outside the genre? MACHINERGY have recaptured those days"

The Moshville Times [UK]

"They will no doubt blow your speakers"

Metal Galaxy [Canada]

"This is one bad-ass album"

Woodbangers [USA]


MACHINERGY are now focused on completing their forthcoming videoclip «Fúria». Vocalist/guitarist Rui Vieira comments: "Our first videoclip for «Rhythmotion» was a good start. We tried to create a short story and we had a great actor. In «Fúria», we will try to take our cinephile experience to another level. It will be a bit more ambitious video."

In other news, MACHINERGY won in August the best short film category with 2012's documentary «Rhythm Between Sounds» in their hometown Arruda dos Vinhos film festival «Curt'Arruda».

The clip chronicles the band's roots and all the portuguese underground music scene since the late 80's. Furthermore, MACHINERGY will feature portuguese radio legend António Sérgio documentary «Uivo» with the track «1988», in theatres in November 1st. »

MACHINERGY performing «Sounds Evolution» full tracklist

Documentary «Rhythm Between Sounds»