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Debut album «Origin» release date and show announced.

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Portuguese death/groove metal act MONOLYTH will release its debut album «Origin» in October 10. To celebrate the moment, the band will get on stage in the same day at Bar do Estudante (21h30 WET), in Aveiro, with their countrymen REVOLUTION WITHIN, KRITTER, TERROR EMPIRE and SOTZ.

Tickets available at the venue for 5€ (12€ w/ CD, 15€ w/ t-shirt, 20€ w/ CD + t-shirt).


«Origin» was recorded in Audioplay/Palco Central Studios, in Portugal, with producers Andrés Malta and André Rodrigues, this latest being responsible for the mixing and mastering in Fullpower Studios.

The record also comprises special featurings by André Macedo [COLOSSO, ex-NEBULOUS] and Andrés Malta [MUNCHIES, ex-BEAUTIFUL VENOM] on the tracks «Fake Symptom» and «Denied And Broken», respectively.



Next dates:

4 Oct: Sever do Vouga w/ Forbidden To Fly

10 Oct:  Bar do Estudante (Aveiro) w/ Sotz + Terror Empire + Kritter + Revolution Within

«Rupture» videoclip: