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Debut album «Pirraças Pueris» out now.

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Portuguese contemporary jazzers PÃODEMÓNIO are now out with their debut album «Pirraças Pueris», which introduces the band's powerful, groovy, technical, dynamic and fresh sound, developed since its foundation in mid-2013 as a result of an intense work and experiment with various timbric and textural sonic possibilities, arrangement structures and musical ideas.

Along this 45-minute journey, «Pirraças Pueris» takes the listener through different grooves, moods, colors and dynamics in a very personal musical world rooted in the spirit of the contemporary expression of jazz, metal, rock, funk, hip hop and alternative music.

«Pirraças Pueris» was recorded at Stone Sound Studio by Ricardo Oliveira, with mix and mastering by Ricardo Pinto.



The tracklisting is as follows:

01. «Karamázov»

02. «O Quarto Fechado»

03. «Efeitos Secundários»

04. «Pirraças Pueris»

05. «Erro»


The band consists of professional and graduated musicians at Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo in Porto, and features in its ranks the drummer Marcelo Aires, known for his work on progressive metal acts such as COLOSSO, NEBULOUS and OBLIQUE RAIN. Marcelo comments on this new musical adventure:


«PÃODEMÓNIO comes out from the idea of developing a project in which the most diverse musical genres could coexist. We are talking about a sort of 'magical cauldron' where jazz, experimental music, metal, funk, and many others, meet each other, always with a dosage of spontaneous improvisation.

Likewise, it was an excellent way for me to develop my jazz vocabulary and I ended up complementing the band with my creative input based on my metal, and related, background. As well, the band is formed by other members with different backgrounds with this in mind: to merge and complement a plurality of styles.»


Purchase «Pirraças Pueris» in Bandcamp, iTunes

or get a physical copy via

Track «Pirraças Pueris» to be available soon for free download at the band's official website.

«Piçarras Pueris» making of:

Making of "Pirraças Pueris" from Pãodemónio on Vimeo.