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Dia Mundial da Dança: Olga Roriz

«More than ever, the World Dance Day has a special significance, because whatever the celebration, it will be influenced by the viral event that is affecting our species, our humanity.

I don't think we've ever felt so remote and yet so close to each other.

Forced to reinvent the individual's relationship with the world, with family, friends, the community.

Forced to reinvent time, our routines, the way we communicate and act.

We have become more creative, more skilled, we think better, we breathe better in our unpolluted cities.

However, the body is confined, collected, reclusive to walls that are now borders that protect us from an invisible enemy.

Dance awaits its space for now impenetrable ...

This year my solidarity and celebration goes to dancers from all over the world whose bodies must be exploding in agony.

Take a deep breath, open your arms and feel the power of every cell in your body. Soon the space will break around us and then we will all together celebrate the World Dance Day.»

Olga Roriz

Abril 2020


Dançarina: Catarina Câmara

Vídeo: Marco Arantes

Edição: João Rapozo

Publicado por Music(A)rtes