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Into Orbit



Into Orbit is a dynamic duo of guitar and drums experimental whose immersive, genre-defying sound contains aspects of experimental rock, polished prog, ambience & drone.

Paul Stewart on guitars and Ian Moir on drums, the New Zealand experimental rock duo, released their debut album Caverns in August 2014, which immediately drew glowing reviews, including receiving a 9/10 on a major NZ music website (

Althoug they have been compared to Russian Circles, Tool, Pelican, Jakob among many others, the duo have a far-reaching sound, flowing from ambient & atmospheric to heavy, prog-metal & noise/drone, making for a unique package and a journey of a debut album.






«Caverns. It is a breath-taking slice of instrumental post-rock that will leave you spaced out beyond belief. The real attraction of this record are the hypnotic sequences buried among the songs that project you out into the farthest reaches of the known universe. 'Set Adrift' couldn't be a more appropriate name for the song it belongs to if it had been written in Martian. Stewart's echoing guitar casts you out into the abyss before Moir's powerhouse percussion brings you hurtling back to Earth. The stomping grind of 'Towers' tries to establish some structure, only for the sparse coda to let it all crumble away again. These pieces go beyond being something as simple as songs - they are monoliths of sound. The heavy passages are enthralling and the quiet moments leave you hanging on in anticipation of the next eruption. With Caverns, Into Orbit have possibly made the best debut Kiwi record of 2014



«Caverns is an album in itself, at nine minutes it’s less a song than an actual mission-statement, business card for the band. The guitar intro conjures anything and everything from Tool to early Genesis, the vital Metallica and just a hint of blues – it’s slowly, purposely moving in the soundtrack/soundscape/post-rock world until Moir’s foot comes down – he’s marking the area, drawing the line and then spills of drum-fills are flooded over with scribbled guitar – it’s the super-urgent version of My Bloody Valentine



«Into Orbit are likely to appeal to those who enjoy work from those artists based further afield, like Mogwai, Pelican, Russian Circles, Explosions in the Sky, or Mono. Similarly, Into Orbit seeks to evoke moving narratives via textural suites. They inject unorthodox time signatures into songs that counterpoint sweet-tempered and stentorian passages. And they ignore strict genre guidelines, combining post-and-progressive-rock and post-metal, with a touch of drone and ambient elements added on.»




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